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O&S Services, CEO, William Lumpkins (Sanitate) was a past Senior Editor and frequent contributor to IEEE Consumer Electronics magazine which covers a variety of topics from consumer electronics industry trends to product reviews.

  • Nikola Tesla’s Dream Realized – 18 December 2013
    Nikola Tesla dreamed of a day when all equipment requiring electrical energy would pull that energy from the air, either from directed wireless power or ambient energy harvesting. In this article, I review the current state of these technologies and postulate about the future.
  • IoT_Meets_Cloud (The Internet of Things Meets Cloud Computing) – 28 March 2013
    IoT is a new marketing phrase for an old concept known as embedded computing. As consumer devices continue to develop into mobile products for the extension of our social and familial interactions, the need arises for these products to connect to the nearly unlimited resources of the Internet (World Wide Web-Cloud). The mobile product by its very definition is an independent device with a power source such as a battery, a micro-controller unit (MCU), a display unit, and an Internet connectivity device, such as the radio-like 802.11 abgn or 802.15.4, also known as “ZigBee”.
  • Printing_in_The_Third_Dimension – 15th October 2013
  • Tapping_New_Tech – July 2012
  • The_Sound_and_the_Fury – April 2014
  • New Tech at CEATEC_A Look at Merging Technologies – April 2014
  • Standards_What_Place_do_they_serve_in_the_Consumer_Marketplace? – January 2012
  • Mobia Aria Wireless Speaker – January 2014
  • Near_Field_Communications_it_pays – Mobile payment systems explained and explored.  – 15 April 2015
  • (Point) Protect_Yourself_From_RFID – 15 April 2015 by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre                                               Fend off Frighting Tracking Technology.
  • (Counterpoint) Protecting_Yourself_With_RFID -15 April 2015                                                                        Embracing the benefits of wireless tracking technology.
  • Safe Advanced Power Workshop – 15 April 2015                                                                                                        Workshop covering the history of battery technology and its future.

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