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To help our customers grow their own businesses through ensuring proper cybersecurity precautions and optimizing product design.

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William (Lumpkins)

Chief Executive Officer

After serving 9 years in the United States Navy, William began his engineering career in Japan before taking his skills to the Bay Area before relocating to the DFW area in Texas years later. Currently he serves as the head of O & S Services and uses his experience and work connections to further the company’s growth.

Sonoko Okoshi Sanitate


Sonoko has served in Japanese Customer Service for over 20+ years. She understands the complexities of the merging of Japanese and Western Cultures. She guides the team’s cultural protocols and Asian outreach.

Publications and Articles

O&S Services Engineers have been featured in IEEE's Consumer Electronics Magazine for over 10 years and in over 25 articles.

Client Testimonials

“Will (from O & S Services) is a very strong Technical Engineer and is quick to identify and provide resolutions to many questions relating to hardware, software and applications. He is a dedicated and hard worker and always keeps his clients and customers best interests in minds. ”
“O & S Services has been hired by TVS a few times to help in product definition and contract negotiations. (They have) a broad knowledge and experience in many areas of technology. (They) are not limited by just software and or hardware. (They) can provide presentations that make sense to the client. (They) a pulse on trends in the industry.
“Will (from O & S Services) is a responsible, highly capable and multi-skilled individual with a broad background in electronics systems & technologies. He works well to deadlines and delivered material that required minimal editing and input on my part. In part due to his efforts IEEE CE Magazine became the most exciting new IEEE publication in more than a decade. Also important, I have always enjoyed working with Will; he is full of enthusiasm for electronics and technology and is a pleasant and positive person to work with. I recommend him without reservation. ”