Technical Translation

For over 10 years O & S Services has been providing Technical Translation services to corporations and government agencies. Our talented translators are native speakers with graduate degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. We currently support the following languages Arabic, Farsi (Persian-Iranian), Korean, Japanese, Afrikaans, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Tagalog, Zulu, and French.

Some of our regular services Include:


Converting text from computer programs and or product documentation into a Local language – I.E Converting the DSL installation Setup program from English to Japanese for Siemens – “Siemens AT&T/SBC Yahoo! DSL Modem and Self-Install Kit”.

Corporate Presentation Material

Board of Director business reports and company presentation material Japanese to English for NEC America

Voice Work

Our Talented Voice specialists working with various sound recording studios, can custom create sound clips in over 20 languages to be used in Movie, Radio, Game and Application software.

On-Site Translators

Our professional team of translators can translate in real time in over 20 countries, we have been used by the U.S. Government and many NATO nations to provide reliable and secure communication services.