Engineering Services

O & S Services provides direct electrical/mechanical/industrial engineering consulting services for all hardware and software components of your design. We understand that many inventors and hobbyists have great ideas that are unsure how to go from the “back of the napkin” to creating a prototype for venture capitalists (VC) or angel investors, to taking prototypes to full manufacturing overseas in China and the Far East. Our seasoned engineers have battled the same battles that budding entrepreneurs encounter over and over again. There is no need to “re-invent the wheel.” We have designed all types of systems – from Consumer products like cell phones, gaming platforms, and Smart Grid energy conservation devices to automotive, train, and aerospace vehicles. From toys for little girls/boys for the holidays to defense systems that keep the country safe from the mishaps of ill intentioned politics. O & S Services believes in the principle of the multi-disciplinary science approach to design engineering. We believe that good product design takes more than just electrical/mechanical engineering and software design but the other sciences as well including sociology, psychology, physics (optics, material sciences), plastics engineering, political science, aeronautical engineering, language arts (foreign), chemistry, history, ethics and biomedical engineering (physiology/health sciences).

Your product is only as good as its suppliers. O & S Services designates specific qualifying vendors and suppliers for the materials and services critical to its success. Efficient channels with these dedicated sources yield fast and efficient quoting on prototyping, procurement, and materials issues. We place quality first at every stage of the design pipeline.

O & S Services is committed to your overall solution. By maintaining critical partnerships with distributors, parts suppliers, board fabrication and assembly facilities the world over. We can ensure that the quality of your prototype product will be of the highest quality and not be absconded by a “fly-by-night” operation that will disappear into the mists and mysteriously your design will show up at the next holiday shopping period on the shelves.

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