O & S Services provides technical translation services, competitive analysis including product teardowns, and Engineering consulting services.

Founded by William Sanitate in 1989 as electronic filing tax preparation service

  • Tiny Tax Service – Port Orchard, Washington
  • One of the first three Electronic Filing Software programs for the IRS when the IRS first permitted electronic filing of personal/corporate returns.

Merged with Okoshi Enterprises Tokyo, Japan 1998 becoming O & S Services (Okoshi & Sanitate)

  • Provided Technical Translation, Engineering services
  • 2000 Providing EMC/EMI/USB compliance services
  • 2002 Providing DLNA/UPnP compliance services
  • 2004 Providing QA test plan/product testing services
  • 2006 Providing employment placement, (contract to hire)
  • 2008 Optical/Flash memory testing services
  • 2009 Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth development services
  • 2011 RFID/Biometric development services
  • 2013 Standard representation services
  • 2014 IP Patent (Expert Witness) services